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The optimum environment for growing high quality grapes is where there are hot days and cool nights. This allows the vines to thrive during the day and shut down at night creating a longer hang time and a slower ripening process, giving the grapes the optimal opportunity to develop complex and concentrated skins. These cool nights are attributed to the winds of the Van Duzer Corridor, located directly west of the Windfall vineyard in the Eola Amity Hills.

The Van Duzer Corridor is literally where the coastal range drops to the valley floor for a succinct stretch of 12 miles. This anomaly in the coastal range creates the opportunity for oceanic winds funnel into the Eola Hills, creating a cooling effect that occurs on a daily basis throughout the growing season. This breeze dries out the vine canopy, reduces disease pressure, and helps maintain acidity. This makes the area highly attractive for grape growing and supporting sustainable vineyard practices. As a phenomenon on wind protection the grape skins thicken, leading to an abundance of color and tannin.

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