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Oregon Wine Country

Windfall Vineyards - LIVE-Grapes-Logo.png

“If you take care of the earth the earth will take care of you.” 
- Jess Jackson



Definition: Low Impact Viticulture and Enology

Beyond our mission to craft exceptional wines, our desire to maintain our practice of environmental responsibility is of utmost importance to us. Windfall Vineyard is currently in the process of receiving our LIVE Certification. An internationally accredited certification, LIVE ensures that our wine growing practices reflect our socially and environmentally conscious drive to leave our planet better than we found it. 

"LIVE supports environmentally and socially responsible wine growing through third party certification." 



Native habitat, watershed quality, and wildlife are protected and improved through rigorous biodiversity requirements and whole farm certification.



Cutting-edge third party certifications that address issues ranging from energy and greenhouse gas reduction, to water and waste management, to materials sourcing. 


      Social Issues

Worker health and safety standards and good neighbor policies are an important function of the rigorous vineyard and winery standards.



A healthy, vibrant community that actively works to improve the quality of the natural and built environments in which we live and work.

To learn more about LIVE’s efforts, please visit their website.


Oak Savanna

In the development of the Windfall Vineyard it was important to us to reduce the impact on the property's original form. To keep the integrity of the environment, we selected a 40 acre savanna of Oaks and other indigenous trees to remain untouched. This savanna provides a healthy ecosystem to the vineyard and it's surroundings.


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